Michael de Guzman

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Based on the television movie of the same name, this novel explores the relationship between and mother and her daughter, who ran away from home many years ago. Bette Davis and Gena Rowlands starred. Ms. Davis won an Emmy for her performance. The novel delves deeply into the conflict between the two women, and the hard, long road they travel to reconciliation.


In order for her own life to work, Alison must take care of unfinished business, namely dealing with the father who abandoned her when she was a child. By force of personality and will, she slowly gets him to deal with the past, with his own life, and with their future. The book is long out of print, though there are copies here and there. A movie was made by the Hallmark Channel based on my screenplay. It starred Tim Matheson, Sean Young, Kristen Bell and Ed Asner. It is available on DVD.

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Fiction. Young readers.
It's time for both Cosmos DeSotos to move on.
Once again, Cosmos splits his time between reality and his imagination. With far reaching results.
Cosmos DeSoto takes on his toughest case, when he's hired to protect the star of the movie in his mind, TEETH.
A twelve-year-old boy realizes a dream as his death approaches.
A dog, a boy and a man save each other's lives.
This is the Spanish edition of Growing Up Rita
Rita Martinez is separated from her mother in an immigration raid and must find the courage and skills to survive while she tries to find her and get her mother back.
A mute runaway boy finds a ventriloquist’s dummy and rediscovers his own voice.
A journey of self-discovery that takes Sidney, a boy with an enormous head on a pencil thin body, on a bus trip across America.
Beekman and his father have moved a dozen times in his brief life in Manhattan. He's been to nearly that many schools. All he wants in life now is to stay in one place.
Albert’s dream of adventure comes true when Wendell, the grandfather he’s never met, shows up unexpectedly and they go off together on an unexpected journey.
Henrietta must find the courage to confront change and tragedy when her perfect world is turned upside down.
Fifteen-year-old Alison spends the summer with the father who abandoned her many years earlier. Theirs is a story of rejection and acceptance. The struggle to achieve a relationship.
Young adult and older readers
A daughter and mother fight their way to a relationship.

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